Internet Bill of Rights is HERE! - Have a read!

"It's time to put to rest the question on what
our rights are on the Internet. It's time to Free
Speech permanantly and tie the Internet to our
1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendment Rights! Let there be
no further questions about our Rights on the
Internet as these are our Rights of the People
declared by the People."

- TheNikitis

Download Draft Here: Released on March 22 @ 8:54 PM Eastern
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In Courier New Font, is easier to read for some: Released April 2 @ 1:44 PM Eastern
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NOTE: There are a few Grammer mistakes put in on purpose, and will be corrected when enacted as a Framework.
Please refrain from these comments when posting. It's here for your viewing and understanding of what is to come.
Also, protections have been put into place to this document so anyone who has copied articles from this document into their own document(s)
will be prosecuted until the document becomes a part of our constitution, but downloading, using snippits, and quoting are allowed for you and on your Websites, Social Media Sites, School Projects, and Television Stations.
Do not Plagiarize!
You are allowed to spread and use.

Individual Articles and Addendums:
Article 1 - Free Speech Protection
Article 2 - Abolish Political Correctness
Article 3 - Protect against censorship
Article 4 - Banishment of Shadow Banning
Article 5 - Limitation on Traditinal Banning
Article 6 - Muting instead of Banishment
Article 7 - Protected View Counts and Tallies
Article 8 - Employees allowed uncensored and unmonitored internet access in the Workplace
Article 9 - Right to Privacy in our homes and to Properties End
Article 10 - Allowance of Open Hardware, Software, and Firmware
Article 11 - Blockers to ISP's preventing competition shall be Removed
Article 12 - Allowances for ISP's regarding Port Blockage
Article 13 - Child Pornagraphy, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking abolishment
Article 14 - Schools shall provide free, uncensored, and unfettered access to the Internet
Article 15 - ISP's must make available the bandwidth that you pay for
Article 16 - Right to Privacy, and Encryption is a Right
Article 17 - Update Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to include A.I.
Article 18 - Right to Anonymous Currency Transactions
Article 19 - Right to deletion of information on the Internet at Request
Article 20 - Default Data collection no longer allowed. You must opt in
Article 21 - Biometric Data Protections
Article 22 - Future Internet Technologies that cause harm to the Human Body must be abolished
Article 23 - Right to Purchase Arms over the Internet shall not be Infringed
Article 24 - A.I.'s are not allowed control of the Internet or modification of the Internet
Article 25 - 3rd Party Caching machines are to be abolished at the ISP's
Article 26 - A.I.'s are not allowed to pose as Human Beings and must Identify themselves always

If you are the President of the United States of America, you may contact me and set up a meeting and we can discuss the document as needed. Nothing is final at this moment.
Appreciate the past mentions by the Q movement!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This Bill is a "Framework" Not a legal document as it stands. These are the Ideas, Desires, and Spirit of the People, and goes in hand with the Constitution, and does not replace it. Nothing in this Bill of Rights overwrites any Amendment of the Constitution, but defines and ties the Internet to the Constitution.